• 1897

        In the beginning of 1897, with the proposal of Wang Wenshao, Viceroy of Zhili Cum Minister Superintendent for Trade of Northern Ports in China, and approval of Qing Government, Haihe Conservancy Board,China’s first professional dredging organization was founded inTianjin, which symbolized a new era for Chinese modern dredging.  

  • 1902

        In 1902, Haihe Conservancy Board purchased her first dredger “BEIHE”, and assembled China’s first grab dredger independently-“Jiani No. 1” and “Jiani No. 2”, which started the change ofChina’s modern dredging from manual digging to mechanical dredging.   

  • 1909

        In 1909, “JinzhongRiver” dredger,China’s first dredger with kerosene engine was built in Xiaosunzhuang Shipyard of Haihe Conservancy Board,China’s first professional shipyard specializing in maintaining and manufacturing dredging equipment.  

  • 1923

        From 1901 to 1923, Haihe Conservancy Board successively curtailed the channel of HaiheRiversix times reducing the distance by 26.6 km.  

  • 1927

        In 1927, Haihe Conservancy Board completed construction of UniversalBridge(today’sLiberationBridge) through international bidding, which promoted the development of shipping industry and commerce inTianjin.  

  • 1936

        Haihe Conservancy Board built China’s first pump station in 1907, which started the era of reclaiming land by dredged soil. From 1907 to 1936, Haihe Conservancy Board reclaimed depressions nearMachang Streetwith dredged soil, and “Five Avenue” area was gradually formed. 

  • 1952

        In the beginning of 1950s, Haihe Conservancy Board undertook project of dredging Xingang in Tanggu District, which was the first major project after the liberation of Tianjin. The first phase of the project was completed ahead of schedule on October 17, 1952, and 10,000-ton “Chang Chun” was the first ship sailed into Xingang by tide, which officially announced port open of Xingang of Tanggu.  

  • 1956

        In 1956, the dredging company deployed “Bei Jing” dredger, China’s first self-designed and built dismountable cutting suction dredger, to dredgeKunmingLakein theSummerPalace, which was the prototypes of using dredger to clean inland lakes and rivers inChina.  

  • 1958

        In 1958, in Machi Water Source Project of Baotou Steel, Tianjin Dredging Corporation was the first to use cutting suction dredger to remove rocks, creating two new records of lengthening cutter ladder in cutting suction dredger and rocks removing, and making a precedent of removing rocks by cutting suction dredger in China.

  • 1973

        In 1973, to respond to the direction of “basically solving port problem in three years” by Premier Zhou Enlai, a boom of port building was formed nationwide. In three years since then, of 40 10,000-ton deep water berths across the country, 26 were built by Tianjin Dredging Corporation.  

  • 1974

        In 1974, Tianjin Dredging Corporation undertook Nianyuwan Oil Terminal Dredging Project in Dalian,China’s first 100,000-ton oil terminal dredging project.  

  • 1975

        In 1975, Tianjin Dredging Corporation compiled Technical Specification for Construction of Dredging Works, China’s first technical specification for dredging, which the first time combined the dredging and reclamation in a technical specification after the Liberation.  

  • 1985

        In 1985, Tianjin Dredging Corporation purchased “Jin Hang Jun 215”, China’s first modern cutting suction dredger with function of dredging rocks. The dredger could dredge intermediary weathered hard rock, and win many firsts.  

  • 1987

        In 1987, “Jin Hang Jun 106” was deployed to conduct construction in Chittagong of Bangladesh, which was a first step for Tianjin Dredging Corporation expanding international dredging market.  

  • 1992

        In 1992, Tianjin Dredging Corporation applied GPS positioning technology to dredging construction and survey, which greatly improved the reliability, stability and accuracy of surveying system and work efficiency, and put an end to position dredger by manual observation. 

  • 1997

        In 1997, Tianjin Dredging Corporation finished design of Caohai Contaminated Bed-Silt Treatment of Dianchi Lake in Yunnan(The First Phase), the first inland lake-river environmental dredging project inChina, creating a precedent for truly environmental dredging for river and lake inChina.  

  • 2001

        In 2001, in Bed-Silt Dredging for Xihu Lake of Hangzhou, TianjinDredging Corporation adopted the long-distance construction by way of multi-stage pumps in series the first time inChinato transport contaminated bed-silt to the outskirts 22.6 km away for harmless treatment, setting a domestic record of the longest discharging pipeline and creating a miracle inChina’s civil engineering history.  

  • 2003

        In 2003, Tianjin Dredging Corporation completed Contaminated Bed-Silt Dredging and Treatment for Chaohu Lake of Anhui (the Second Phase), the first major inland lake-river ecological littoral zone project in China, creating a precedent for designing large-scale littoral zone in China, and providing some insights for integrated application of environmental project technology .

  • 2004

        The cutter suction dredger computer-aided decision support system was successfully developed. It is China's first intelligent dredging system of the international advanced level, which realized automatic on-site underwater soil distinguishing and automatic computer optimization.   

  • 2006

        Tian Shi, China's first modern large cutter suction dredger, was designed and built independently. It hit production record highs time and again since being commissioned.  

  • 2006.1

        For the first time in China, the currently most advanced multi-beam sounding system was deployed for engineering survey in the 250,000-ton waterway construction project of Tianjin Port.  

  • 2007

        6 Bin Hai-type single-spud cutter suction dredgers were designed and built independently by TDC, which featured initiative main structures and construction positioning mode.  

  • 2007.12

        TDC celebrated its 110th anniversary. As the pioneer of China's dredging industry, TDC has grown into a major force in port construction and channel dredging thanks to the unremitting efforts of several generations. TDC's annual dredging capacity has increased to 90M m³.  

  • 2008

        The first cutter suction dredger construction simulation system in China was developed by TDC, which changed the traditional management mode of determining production technique and construction arrangement based on planned norm and experience, and cut the cost of field trials significantly.  

  • 2009

        Tianjing Hao, China’s first ultra large self-propelled cutter suction dredger, was commissioned. It is also the most powerful cutter suction dredger in Asia thanks to its total installed power of 20020KW. 

  • 2010

        The first issue of China Dredging went to press. China Dredging is edited by TDC and sponsored by the China Dredging Association as the first national publication of the Chinese dredging industry.    

  • 2011.6

        The wastewater reservoir treatment project in Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City were completed, which is the first environment renovation project in China that performed advanced treatment to heavily contaminated sediment by heavy metal. 

  • 2011.11

        The technology center of CCCC TDC was crowned National Technology Center. In same year, a professional dredging technology laboratory was established, which has a world-class construction scale and experimental standards in the dredging industry. 

  • 2012.9

        Tianhe Yi Hao and Tianhe Hao were developed by CCCC TH, a holding company of TDC. As the first slurry-pressure-balance type shield tunnelers with the maximum diameters in China, they successfully performed construction in the Nanjing Weisan Road under-river tunnel project from July to September. 

  • 2012.10

        Tong Cheng, Tong Tu, Tong Heng and Tong Yuan were commissioned, which were the latest generation of self-propelled trailing suction hopper dredgers that designed and built independently by TDC over five years. Of which, Tong Tu is the most advanced self-propelled TSHD currently in Asia thanks to its biggest hopper capacity and the deepest dredging depth . 

  • 2013

       The Dredging Technology Laboratory invested and constructed by TDC is completed and put into operation, which creates more favorable conditions for TDC to complete the development of critical dredging equipment and technology with independent intellectual property rights.

  • 2014

        TDC has acquired special class quality for general contracting of port and waterway construction project and foreign contracting business license, which fully reflects TDC's comprehensive strength and has become another milestone in the history of the company.