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China's Fifth International Dredging Technology Development Conference & Dredging Achievement Exhibition opened in Beijing

Source:CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co.,Ltd. 2017-11-30

On November 28, the Fifth International Conference on Dredging Technology Development and the First Achievement Exhibition on China’s Dredging History were held in Beijing in commemoration of the 120th anniversary of China's dredging industry. Representatives from the World Federation of Dredging Associations, East Dredging Association Chairman Padman and Central Dredging Association Chairman Laboyrie attended the event.


The conference was themed "Dredging, Ecology and Sustainable Development" with more than 300 industry elites from all over the world present. The participants discussed the new era of industry trends and the latest technological achievements of the world dredging industry, and cutting-edge technologies in various fields of the dredging industry and areas such as intelligent dredging, dredging operation, ecological dredging and equipment manufacturing. The two-day conference included six special sessions including keynote speeches, special reports on new trends in smart dredging and dredging technologies, special sessions on environmental dredging and dredging equipment.

At the same time, CCCC-CDC, CCCC-TDC and China Dredging Association jointly launched the event of "China Dream·New Era·New Journey—Themed Exhibition of Achievements of 120th Anniversary of Birth of China Dredging, CCCC-CDC, CCCC-TDC and Excellent Relics Exhibition of Maritime Silk Road". The exhibition reviewed the history of dredging in China of thousands of years and highlighted the development achievements of China's dredging industry, especially TDC, in the past hundred years, and also highlighted the contribution China’s dredging industry has made to economy, society and people's livelihood.

At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the World Federation of Dredging Associations and the Eastern Dredging Association presented the "Special Contribution Award for Dredging Industry in Asia" to TDC, which is the first award presented by EADA.