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China dredging association water environment ecological management and protection professional committee 2017 will be successful.

Source:CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co.,Ltd. 2017-09-29
On September 28, 2017 will be the successful conclusion of the China dredging association's water environment ecological management and protection professional committee.
The meeting reviewed and adopted the 2016 work report and the work plan for 2017, confirmed the outstanding achievements made by the 2016 committee, and reviewed and planned the work of 2017; Passed "of the articles of association", and further made clear under the articles of association of the China dredging association branch of a series of rules and regulations, the principle, the clear about the branch of the provisions of the scope of business, organization, etc; A total of 61 members of the committee have been nominated by the director and committee members of the new special committee. Through the first batch of preparation group standard plan, the content information of the first 19 group standards compiled by the company and other units was published.
Meeting also conducted a committee member of technical exchange activities, including company, nine units of 10 on behalf of the issues surrounding the ecological management and protection of water environment, the day navigation bureau of environmental protection technology development situation, the urban black smelly river comprehensive treatment research - kunming haihe river management, for example, "and so on about the latest development of the industry and advanced technology research and development and application of the report.