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The company holds "international arbitration legal practice training."

Source:CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co.,Ltd. 2017-08-28
On August 25, the company invites senior partner of Shanghai ying tai law firm rong-hua shen lawyer, Britain Xia Liwen Peter Murphy, a partner at law firm lawyers to carry out the "international arbitration law practice training".
Peter Murphy, a lawyer in the training, focus on the common law and Chinese law in the contract, liability for breach of contract, force majeure, the similarities and differences of many aspects, such as the settlement of a dispute, and combining with foreign dredging contract, prompt to conclude by special terms to control risk, maximize the company's interests. During the training, the company's employees actively asked questions, and discussed with the lawyer how to apply the principle of change of situation and agreed force majeure. The training will help the company overseas business people enter into a contract in the common law legal family when instead of the domestic law thinking, draw up the terms of the contract under common law, understanding and accurate use of such terms and conditions of any claim, to avoid default and the loss of rights.