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The international standard written by the company goes smoothly into the DIS stage.

Source:CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co.,Ltd. 2017-06-16
Ships and the international organization for standardization technical committee on inland sea sailing boat of technical committee (ISO/TC8 / SC7) 32nd session on June 8 ~ 13 held in Hamburg, Germany, from China, Germany, Russia, Austria and TC8 secretariat, SC7 secretariat, a total of 12 experts on behalf of the participant.
Meeting presided over to the company is a major content of the revised "ISO 8384 dredger - the term" and participate in the revised "classification of ISO 8385 dredger - two international standards committee draft (CD) is discussed, the participating experts according to the result of previous CD vote to review a detailed revision of the draft content, eventually form the two standards of draft international standard (DIS).