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Registration Guide to Recruits 2013

Source:CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co.,Ltd. 2013-07-03

You are welcome to join TDC. Arrangements for your registration are as the following:
1.Time of Registration:

9:00-18:00 on Jul. 7, 2013
2.Place of Registration:
Naval Logistics Academy of Tanggu (via the east gate at the crossroads of Ningbo Rd. and Dongbanyuan Rd. in Tanggu)
3.Schedule for Military Training:

From July 8 to 17
4.Documents and Certificates Required:
Graduates shall present master copies of the documents, such as check-in card (sending card), diploma, degree certificate, employment agreement and household registry transfer document, failing which, regardless of any cause, a certificate from the school shall be issued (with the official seal affixed).
5.Settlement of Recruits:
The Company shall have the registration formalities for the settlement of graduates arranged together after collecting the concerned documents.
6.The military training of graduates shall be conducted in total immersion, accommodation of which is uniformly managed by the Company.

7.Further notice will be issued for anything to be clarified.