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Notice about Killing Computer Virus

Source:CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co.,Ltd. 2013-04-01
All Departments of the Company

CCCC Tianjin Port & Waterway Prospection & Design Research Institute

Environmental Engineering & Business Division

Overseas Business Division:
Please be informed that during the noon break of Apr. 1, 2013, an unified arrangement has been made to kill virus for all computer equipment in TDC Tower as follows:
1.For on-line computers in the LAN of TDC Tower, effective antivirus software must be installed. Conform that the installed 360 Security Guards and 360 Antivirus is of the latest version. If not, it will be upgraded in time to ensure a trouble-free running.
2.By 360 Security Guards, run the two functions Computer Examination and Kill Trojan House; by 360 Antivirus, the function Full Scan. Since Kill Trojan House and Full Scan take longer time, they can be clicked on before lunch.
3.For computer equipment linking LAN by both wired and wireless means at the same time, switch off the wireless. For daily use, one on-line mode (wired or wireless) is selected. Synchronous running of both is not suggested.

 The message is requested to be passed on each other and the instructions above carried out accordingly.

Information Centre
                                                                                                               Apr. 1, 2013