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Bed-Silt Dredging Phase-II for Xihu Lake of Hangzhou

TDC adopted the long-distance construction by way of multi-stage pumps in series with the environmental dredger transporting, through 7-stage booster stations, contaminated bed-silt to the outskirts 22.6km away for harmless treatment, setting a domestic record of the longest discharging pipeline. On completion of the works there were no high, missed or over-dredged spots in the working area and the years-long contaminants in bottom sediment were thoroughly cleared with undisturbed soil remaining the same.

 Environmental Dredger Operating on Xihu Lake in Hangzhou

 One of the 7-Stage Booster Stations for Xihu Lake Project


 Flat Bed Surface in Xihu Lake after Completion of the Works

  Tourists Enjoying in the Beauty of Xihu Lake after Treatment