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Ecological De-Silting in Taihu Lake Area

In Taihu Lake Area, TDC, in recent years, has successively conducted ecological de-silting at the sources of Gonghu Lake in Wuxi, ecological de-silting at Yuantouzhu, Chongshan Water Plant and Sanshan, ecological de-silting at Meiliang Lake of the year of 2009, 2010 and 2011 and ecological de-silting phase I and II at Wujin Area of Zhushan Lake within Taihu Lake. The company has played an active role in markedly improving the ecological environment in Taihu Lake watershed, restoring the auto-function of lakes and realizing the virtuous cycle of water resources and ecological system of Taihu Lake.  

  Environmental Dredger Working for Zhushan Lake Ecological De-Silting in Changzhou

  Environmental Dredger Working for Taihu Lake Ecological De-Silting in Wuxi 

Silt Treating Pond of Meiliang Lake

 TDC’s Self-Designed Treating and Dosing Device for Silt and Residual Water

 The Beauty of Wuli Lake of Wuxi after Treatment

 The Beauty of Yuantouzhu after Treatment