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BT Project of Dedicated Terminal for the South Port Area of Qianwan in Qingdao

    Since the beginning on April 18th, 2008, several construction operation have been successively done such as: the reclamation of 14.9Mm³of material, the arrangement of over 60,000m³accoropode blocks and 12,000 four-leg hollow blocks and so on. The completion of the project will increase the annual throughput of Qingdao Port; create the high-end logistic park, and has laid a firm foundation for both the construction of the blue economic area in Shandong Peninsula and Qingdao becoming the main terminal line and transit port of the East Asia and North Asia.


The built-up shore protections


Tian Qi working at South Port area of Qianwan in Qingdao


The TerminalPortof Qianwan inQingdaoPut into Operation