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South-to-North Water Diversion Project Eastern Route Phase I (the water delivery channel of Liuchanghe River Section)

Upon completion, the water delivery channel can realize the water diversion from Nansihu Lake to Dongpinghu Lake at the rate of 100m3/s, which can meet the need of water usage in Shandong Peninsula and northern part of Shangdong Province and can also provide water to Hebei Province and Tianjin City for emergency as well as meet the requirement of the economic development of the economic strip along the canal. Meanwhile, it will create the navigation channel in the section that starts from NansihuLaketoDongpinghuLaketo realize the Level-3 objective of being open to navigation toDongpinghuLake. 


The concrete casting and tunnel lining at the slope of the water conveyance channel


The Nearing-completion South-to-North Water Diversion Project