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Wharf of Tianjin Northern Petrochemicals Terminal Co., Ltd.
The wharf has a 50000-tonage berth (can dock two 5000-tonage vessels simultaneously) with annual handling capacity of 1.9 million liquid petrochemical products. The wharf is located between 2+200 and 2+600 section of main channel of Tianjin port, and the channel depth can meet access requirements for 30000-tonage or lightening 50000-tonage petrochemical vessels. The outside pipeline network has been connected to the storage farm of Tianjin Port Petrochemicals Terminal Co. Ltd. and Northern Petroleum System, guaranteeing that the customer’s petroleum products can unload, store and transfer in time at Tianjin Port.

  Berth of Liquid Petrochemicals Wharf


 Wharf Adjacent to Tianjin Port